By Sherry Wilde


Here are a few links to a couple articles by Dr. Steven Greer along with the link to his Sirius Disclosure website. I had the honor and privilege of meeting Dr. Greer back in 1989 at a UFO conference I was attending while on a mission to gain understanding as to what was happening to me. I never forgot that meeting. I was perusing the books on display between lectures and suddenly this man was standing in front of me asking if I wasn't Sherry. He had such an open, friendly demeanor that I wasn't too put off by the fact he knew my name. When I asked him how he knew me, he brushed it off by saying that wasn't important, but that we needed to talk. He convinced me we should meet later for dinner and I agreed. At that meeting he proceeded to tell me how he was putting together a group of people who would work at initiating contact with the ETs and he wanted me to consider joining them. He was very passionate about his agenda and I listened closely to what he said. But this was 1989. I still had a great deal of fear about what was happening to me - I wasn't yet convinced that these beings were benevolent. I was still in the early process of figuring all this out, so I couldn't understand why anyone would go looking for contact when I was pleading to be left alone, as the visits felt so intrusive. Regrettably, I passed on this amazing opportunity, having no idea at all of what I was letting slip through my fingers.   
Over the years I have watched Dr. Greer take on the UFO cover-up with integrity, passion and intelligence. He "gets" what this is all about. He brings common sense to the whole UFO subject and shoots a great big hole in the ridicule that often accompanies the alien abduction scenario. Dr. Steven Greer is an amazing guy and my personal hero.

Cosmic Deception: Let the Citizen Beware  by Steven M. Greer M.D.

ETs and the New Cosmology  by Steven M. Greer M.D.   Dr. Steven Greer's website

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